How Dance Enhances Sports Performance

Are you looking to up your game next season?  Did you know that taking a dance class can enhance your overall sports performance?


Studies have shown that dancing can benefit a wide variety of sports in the following ways:

Injury Prevention (Flexibility)

Flexibility is key in preventing sports related injuries. The ability to bend and twist without breaking is gained through stretching, and has been associated with improved athletic performance.  This happens because stretching helps joints move through their full range of motion.

Strength Training

Strength training is used to improve muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Ballet focuses on flexibility, mobility, core conditioning and encourages external rotation, it provides a more balanced strength training workout by targeting muscles that traditional strength training regimens cannot.


The ability to move quickly and easily is an asset that every athlete can benefit from and ballet is not just for girls. Football players who add ballet to their training routine, not only enhance their agility but also have a decreased risk of groin injuries and better body awareness. Ballet also helped with ankle and foot flexibility and increased the range of motion in their hips.


Endurance is an important aspect of many sports including soccer, football, basketball and track and field. Taking a dance class can not only conditions your cardiovascular system, but also improves your body’s ability to deliver oxygen, which builds endurance.

Balance and Muscle Memory

Whether running a route, chasing down a pop fly, or dribbling a ball, repetitive motion occurs in a wide variety of sports. Dancing improves muscle memory by “jump-starting your brain.” The fast foot work in a dance class trains your brain and your body, to move quicker and think faster on your feet. Another added benefit, athletes who take dance have better balance and overall movement.


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