Fort Collins & Loveland Ballet Classes & Lessons


Ballet is the foundation of all formal dance training. We believe taking ballet is like eating your veggies, it provides the important strength building elements to your diet so you can enjoy all different kinds of foods, just as ballet compliments a jazz or lyrical class. Although ballet has the most structure of our classes, we believe if you are not having fun you are not learning to your full potential. Therefore we teach our ballet classes with a unique upbeat approach, like adding cheese to your broccoli. Our ballet classes will focus on posture, balance, self discipline, grace, confidence, flexibility, body awareness, and core strength. Vocabulary will also be taught in all levels of ballet at The Studio. We believe that if you have a strong ballet base, all other dancing will be stronger. We require ballet to be taken with all Jazz and Lyrical classes at The Studio.

• 50 minute class (first 35 minutes is ballet, last 15 minutes is tap)
• parents are welcome to watch through the viewing windows (they are so fun to watch!)
• focuses on stretching, execution of basic ballet positions and movements, learning combinations, understanding of terminology, and learning to stay focused in class
• teachers are very enthusiastic and change things up frequently to keep students engaged
• all students are welcome to participate in the recital at the end of the year

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