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 Performance Companies/Competition Teams Information

2018-2019 Performance Team Results

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Performance Companies at the The Studio offer opportunities to perform regularly. We perform 6-8 times throughout the year at schools, nursing homes, churches, downtown Loveland, parades, festivals or where ever we can get an audience! This builds confidence, teamwork and performance ability! These groups share and pray together before each class to build a connection with one another. Being part of a Studio Performance Company is an experience your child won’t forget and the friendships they develop are priceless!!!

Performance Companies and Competition Teams Audition Date!!

Loveland Studio Location

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

  • 11:00am: ages 6-9 (current Lightning Bugs & Sparklers)
  • 12:00pm: ages 9-12 (current Dawning Light & Radiate)
  • 01:00pm: ages 12-18 (current Shine & Ignite)

Both types of Groups are auditioned at the same time. Some people may be called back to stay for the next hour. Bring water and a snack just in case!

Please wear ALL Black (Leotard/Tank and Booty Shorts/Leggings only…may wear pink or tan convertible dance tights as well).
Bring your favorite foot attire to dance in (Paws, Barefoot, Jazz Shoes or Ballet Shoes). Hair neatly pulled back.

Performance Company Requirements
Performance Companies require a strong commitment, hard work, dedication, a passion for dance and a drive for self improvement. There are only 10-12 spots available for each team, so please discuss this decision as a family before deciding to audition so these spots go to those who are committed! Thanks!

Dancers Must:

  • Lightning Bugs  – 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz (Turns & Progressions can count), Performance Class.
  • Sparklers – 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz I Choice Class(2nd Ballet/2nd Jazz/Tap/Contemporary-Modern/Worship Lyrical/Hip Hop/ Acro/Aerial Silks), Performance Class
  • Dawning Light/Radiate/Shine/Ignite – 2 Ballet, 1 Jazz (Turns & Progressions can count), 2 Choice Classes, Performance Class. Extra Choice Classes are highly recommended at these levels, but not mandatory.
  • Be able to FULLY attend 1 Summer Dance Intensive/Live To Dance Camp (determined by Perf group) and take at least 5 Summer Ballet Classes (determined by age group or invite) at The Studio. Intensives may not be a replacement for Ballet Class! Intensive Dates: June 24th, 2019 – June 27th, 2019 or July 22nd, 2018 – July 25th, 2018.
  • Be able to attend ONE MANDATORY Parent Meeting on either Tues. June 25th in FC or Tues. July 23rd LV at 8pm after Intensives. Siblings or other parents may not take notes. Each student must have a parent present.
  • Be able to attend Rehearsals, Performances and Parades:
    • Parade Rehearsal Are first two weeks of Perf Company Classes AND Fri. August 17th; TBA (must attend all or need to schedule a private)
    • Here are a few events we do: Corn Roast Parade, CSU Parade, Loveland Fire & Ice Festival, Winterfest at Centerra,  Foothills Mall and even a Christmas Show!
  • Be able to maintain 4 or less absences in Performance Class the entire school year.

Performance Company Estimated Additional Cost
Costume Estimate = $85 for 2 costumes – 1/2 payment due Thurs. July 26th
Parade Shirt = $25 Due at Summer Parent Meeting (6/25 or 7/243
Dance Convention = $250 – Optional (but highly recommended)
Master Teachers (in house instruction) = $25-$50 – Optional (but highly recommended)

What is the difference between Competition Teams and Performance Companies?
Being a part of The Studio’s Competitive Teams is a self-esteem building, energetic and priceless learning experience. You will be amazed by how much your child will accomplish and learn in this program. We are different than other competition teams! Our purpose is to be an encouragement at competitions as well as present clean, uplifting pieces. These teams take pieces to Denver 3-6 times per year to compete as well as participate in weekend long conventions. Our Competitive Teams are auditioned at the same time as the Performance Companies. These teams are for the more committed dancer and therefore have more requirements. Both Competitive Teams have a booster club to help with fundraising for Competition fees, trips, etc

Competition/Intensive Teams Requirements
You will be a part of an exciting and awesome group of your peers, directed by Ms. Jennissa Voorhees!

Dancers Must:

  • *NEW THIS YEAR* Competition Team- 2 Ballet*, 1 Jazz*, 2 Choice Classes (3rd Ballet/2nd Jazz/Tap/Contemporary-Modern/Worship-Lyrical/Hip Hop/Acro/Turns and Progressions/Aerial Silks), Performance Class, 2+ Competition Pieces.
  • *NEW THIS YEAR* Intensive Team – 3 Ballet*, 2 Jazz*, 2 Choice Classes (4th Ballet/3rd Jazz/Tap/Contemporary-Modern/Worship-Lyrical/Hip Hop/Acro/Turns and Progressions/Aerial Silks), Performance Class, 4+ Competition Pieces.
  • *Both Competitive Teams will have 1 Core Ballet Class and 1 Core Jazz Class tailored for them. These are 1 1/2hrs each, closed to the public and will be placed by Staff.
  • Competition Team (open to ages 6+): 2+ Competition Pieces, 2+ Conventions and 3-4 Competitions OR Intensive Team (open to the most serious student, ages 8+): 4+ Competition Pieces, 3+ Conventions and 5+ Competitions, Mentorship w/Master Teachers, Audition Help and Dance History Lessons.
  • *NEW THIS YEAR* Intensive Team members can elect to do a Solo in addition to their minimum group pieces. Requires 1/2 hr weekly Technique Privates on top of all other requirements. (Might be Friday Nights.)
  • Be able to FULLY attend a minimum of 1 Summer Dance Intensive/Live To Dance Camp (determined by Perf group), take at least 5 Summer Ballet Classes (determined by age group or invite) and attend Competition Choreography Week at The Studio. Intensives may not be a replacement for Ballet Class!
  • Be able to attend ONE MANDATORY Parent Meeting on either Tues. June 26th in FC or Tues. July 24th in LV at 9pm after Performance Companies’ Parent Meeting.
  • Be able to attend all scheduled Competitions and Conventions, held around January through April. These will be announced as soon as we know! Here are a few we have attended in the past: WCDE, Legacy, NYCDA, JUMP, Adrenaline, NUVO, Move, Spotlight, Showbiz and Radix.
  • Dancers are allowed two excused absences for each Comp Class during the season. Excused absences include: your dancer is sick, a death in the family, a pre-approved reason or a school related activity (give at least 1 week notice). It is the students responsibility to sign in to rehearsals again this year!
  • We are going to learn the comp choreography during the Competition Choreography Week in LV. Choreography Days are MANDATORY!!!!!! Dates: TBA              Excused absences cannot be used on these days. This is when dance routines are taught. It is the dancer’s responsibility to learn the changes made if absent. (The dancer may not be choreographed in a certain section if they miss.)
  • Be able to attend Team Bonding/Extra Rehearsals-TBA.

Estimated Cost – For Competition/Intensive Teams (2017-2018 pricing)
Please take the following costs into consideration before deciding how many pieces you and your child are able to commit to. This is an estimate and will vary. Think of this as a club sport that has a year long season.

  • Costume Estimate PER Routine = $80 (each $50 deposit due Sept. remainder due Oct.)
  • Competition Entry Fees PER Routine PER Competition = $50 Lg/Sm Groups, $65 Duos/Trios and $120 Solos.
  • Choreography and Rehearsal Fees PER Routine (August through May) = $15 Lg Groups, $20 Sm Groups, $45 Duos/Trios and $80 Solos – One Time Only Guest Choreographer Fee = $100 PER Routine
  • The Studio Competition/Intensive Team Travel Suit (MANDATORY) = $115 ($70 Jacket/$45 Pants due Sept.)
  • In House Master Teachers (MANDATORY) = $25-$50 PER Teacher
  • Convention Fee Estimate PER Convention = $250
  • **This estimate does not include shoes, tights, travel, make up or convention observer bands.

 Keep in mind, we will have fundraisers through The Studio Barre Club (booster club). All proceeds will help offset the cost of the extra expenses. Also, our work study program, Standing Room Only- is available to help our Performance and Competition families who need help financially with tuition. SRO is not available for competition fees just tuition of regular classes. This application is available in May at the front desk and turned in with registration forms when registering for fall classes

Where Will The Team Be Going This Year?

Fort Collins Loveland Dance